Responsible Green Destination Amazon of Europe – joint and integrated solution for sustainable tourism

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Responsible Green Destination Amazon of Europe is project connecting 14 project partners from TBR MDD area, the largest and most preserved free-flowing river system in Central Europe with aim to lay the foundations of sustainable tourism.

Velika Polana, Slovenia – Project partners from Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube (TBR MDD) area from 12 protected areas and 5 countries along 3 rivers joined forces in July 2020 in an EU-funded project Responsible Green Destination Amazon of Europe. The network is connecting high-skilled individuals and capable organisations, forming enhanced enabling environment of a functioning transboundary destination Amazon of Europe, for implementing the joint strategy, offering high-quality services to international visitors, and high added-value green jobs to the inhabitants in the degraded, mostly rural areas.

The purpose of Amazing Amazon of Europe project is to build upon the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail and upgrade the area into truly responsible destination, by developing joint strategies, IT solutions and learning interactions at significantly broader destination level. Amazing Amazon of Europe will bring sustainable development opportunities for managing diversity of natural and cultural heritage and resources from local to transnational level, while enabling unique experiences for international visitors.

AoE destination will be a joint and integrated solution for sustainable tourism, including Green Destination Tourism Impact Model, combining social and technological innovation, joint strategy and management model for the destination, joint flagship tourism products connecting top experiences along the rivers: River Trail, Hiking Trails, AoE Experiences, model validation in 2 transnational pilot areas and training stakeholders for responsible green destination.

On 18th February representatives of partners, regions and institutions met on the online Public Kick-off Conference which was opened by the CEO of lead partner Iskriva, institute for development of local potentials Urška Dolinar who presented Responsible Green Destination Amazon of Europe – Amazing Amazon of Europe.

Border Mura Slo-Aut with river mill at Mureck © WWF A. Vorauer

Border Mura Slo-Aut with river mill at Mureck © WWF A. Vorauer

Following the conference 5 guest speakers presented most interesting attractions and experiences in TBR MDD area after Covid-19.

Dr. Wolfgang Weber from Geosys Wirtschafts- und Regionalentwicklungs Gmbh (Austria) presented good practices and statistics from different Regions of Styria with focus on Thermen- & Vulkanland Steirmark.

Helga Lukač from Development Center Murska Sobota (Slovenia) described EXPANO pavillion, Regional Promotion Centre which is located near Sobota Lake and represents an investment into unleashing the tourism, economic, cultural, and sporting potentials of the Pomurje region.

Miran Bojanić Morandini from Varaždin County Tourist Board (Croatia) presented inovative holiday homes with a story, which a successful example of the development of continental tourism.

Gábor Benovics from Helian NaTour Ltd. (Hungary) introduced good touristic practises in the Amazon of Europe area, active and ecotourism, cycling and canoe tours.

PhD Vladimir Marković from University of Apatin (Serbia) presented Special Nature Reserve »Gornje Podunavlje« in Municipality of Apatin, which encompasses a number of meanders, stagnant tributaries and canals.

Project partners

– Iskriva, institute for development of local potentials

– Arctur Ltd.

– Municipality of Velika Polana

– West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Nonprofit Ltd.

– CROST Regional Development Nonprofit Ltd.

– Tourism Board of Međimurje County

– Osijek-Baranya County

– Association for nature and environment protection Green Osijek

– Koprivnica Križevci County

– Varaždin County

– Trail Angels GmbH

– 8Cities

– Municipality of Apatin

– City of Sombor

Associated partners

– Ministry of Tourism, HR

– Ecotourism Development Center, HU

– World Wide Fund for Nature Austria – WWF Austria

– Zala County Government

– Government of Somogy County

– Government of Baranya County

– Virovitica-Podravina County Tourist Board

– Tourist Board of Osijek-Baranja County

– Varaždin County Tourist Board

– Public institution Kopacki rit Nature Park

– Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO

– Slovenian Tourist Board

– Tourist Association of Slovenia

– Thermenland Süd- & Oststeiermark Marketing GmbH

– Central Podravina Tourist Board



Responsible Green Destination Amazon of Europe project is co-funded through the Danube Transnational Programme of the European Union (ERDF and IPA funds). The project started on 1st July 2020 and lasts until the 31st December 2022. The total budget of the project is 2,411,290.00 €, divided between 14 full partners.

Contact: Urška Dolinar, project manager, Iskriva, Institute for Development of Local Potentials,

Project website: